Case Study: XXIV International PSAVA Congress

It was professional, impressive, and demanding. There was a lot of action! And when was that? At the 24th International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Case Study: XXIV International PSAVA Congress

In other words, CONREGO system was capable of handling an event with a long history and plenty of guests. But did everything go as planned when organizing the event? Were there any slip-ups? We promise to give you all the details!

Now, let us go back in time for a moment. In the past, it was necessary to prepare many elements of an event in the conventional manner, by making spreadsheets, notes, and lists. The experience we have gained in the event industry made us realize that Event Managers need automation. In other words, they need a system that would help them handle every event. And that was the reason why we brought CONREGO event registration platform to life. And that is also why we want to share it with you.

The International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association was no exception to the rule. As required by our client – the organizer of the congress – we implemented the system, which then made it possible to handle guests in the areas we will tell you about in a moment. However, one question remains – did everything go the way we wanted?

A responsive website

The congress was to take place from 18th through 20th November, 2016. With the help of CONREGO, we were able to launch a responsive conference website. It was launched for promotional and informational purposes, and enabled us to publish various information in a convenient way. What kind of information, exactly? About the Congress Centre, its location, booking of accommodation, speakers, congress agenda, and exhibitors that had their stands located all over the Congress Centre.

Online registration

If you are dealing with such a high-profile event as the International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association, its attendees will include veterinarians, members of the PSAVA, students, sponsors, and exhibitors. Whatever the type of participation, guests need to have access to quick and efficient online event registration. In that particular case, CONREGO was integrated with an external payment gateway to allow organizers to sell event tickets online and process credit card payments. That phase did not have any surprises in store for us, either. But, truth be told, all the fun was yet to start.

Attendee check-in

This is the moment when we have real contact with guests. This phase must be planned out in every detail, as we cannot afford to have any unpleasant surprises!

During the Congress, our client operated based on two integrated system modules: Event Check-in and Event Badge Generator. Both allowed us to register the attendance of participants and print congress badges using label printers. Is there anything complicated about that? Absolutely, but not if you can use an application that will do the work for you. And that is definitely a massive advantage of CONREGO – it has been developed on the basis of many years of experience, which makes it both a foundation for any event, and a guide that will take less experienced event organizers through the successive stages of event organization.

Access Control

This part of the event, often quite difficult to handle, was handled with our Event Access Control services. The whole area of the Congress Centre was divided into zones and each of them offered access to specific guests. Quite interestingly – resulting from the fact that CONREGO is a flexible system and many of its functions can be applied in unusual ways – the module made it possible for the exhibitors participating in the event to acquire contact details of attendees who paid a visit to their booths.

Technical support

Behind CONREGO, there are people who are ready to support any event. If you have purchased our product and there are any doubts, questions, or problems, we remain at your disposal. In the case of the PSAVA Congress, the technical aspect of event organization was supported by two representatives of CONREGO. They handled hardware configuration and trained the team responsible for reception areas and access control. And what is particularly important, our subscription plans are merely a percentage of the cost of purchasing the service of event organization in its entirety.

However, if you think that using the system on your own is too time-consuming, then get to know our offer of services for event organizers including conference management system implementation.

What did it look like?

See a short video report from the Congress that took place at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Lodz:

And as far as the main subject of this article is concerned, we will no longer keep you in suspense. The International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association was organized perfectly!

Tomasz Chrościechowski