7 Ways Event Registration Software Will Improve Every Event

If you already know how the event registration software works... how exactly will it make your team work better?

7 Ways Event Registration Software Will Improve Every Event

1. Complexity

Planning event organization, you can budget different items, e.g.:

It's a lot of tools and even more dispersed information. Can it be easier? Yes, with CONREGO software, which combines all these elements into one designed whole. This way, you are able to handle the event from the beginning to the end with the use of a single complex event management system.

2. Automation

A full set of tools adjusted to the Event Manager's needs drives the level of efficiency, which, as confirmed by the previous point, would be difficult to achieve in other way. Automated organizational process means saving time and money. That's an argument you don't deny.

3. Control

Marking the presence of attendees at the event is one thing. This is not enough for us, though. What do you think about a possibility to analyze the guests' activity at the event and check:

A well designed event registration system and its reporting functions will provide a set of information that will help you maintain control and make a effective decisions.

4. Valuable insight

Are you familiar with term: „insight”? It's an understanding of the hidden needs and motivation of the consumer, in our case, the event attendee. Getting to know the group and their behaviour well is a demanding task. What connects the registration system and insights? By reading the attendees' activity during the conferences, you get a set of data including their preferences, interests, and needs. At any time, you can track which rooms the particular attendee just entered, how long they are inside, and where they are going next.

Conference and event organizers who use our event registration software confirm that information about attendees delivered by our software is sometimes surprising but always extremely valuable to them. Do other registration software allow you to study attendee behavior at the event?

5. Statistics and reports

We know very well that an event is also a gigabyte of conference data, spreadsheets, reports, statistics. If you are just wondering whether you will be able to get all the necessary information from the administration panel of the application - we answer yes. Automation and functionality of our online registration system allow you to immediately generate any information and prepare clear reports filled with neccessary data. How about that?

6. Flexibility

CONREGO registration software has functionalities that event managers use in a non-standard way. With the help of the software, you can e.g. handle contest entry or academic paper submissions, and even recruit volunteers.

7. Support of experts

Even though CONREGO event management platform is intuitive, you might need our help. Remember that we are at your disposal. Our team is ready to help any time via live chat, email or phone. Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to explain everything about our system so that you can fully discover its advantages and organize events with ease. This is probably one of your goals, right?

Tomasz Chrościechowski