How to Convince Your Manager That a Registration System Is Indispensable?

An event registration system is meant to facilitate the work of event organizers - seems obvious.

How to Convince Your Manager That a Registration System Is Indispensable?

But if your manager is one of those who need hard evidence to make their team more efficient… Well, you came to the right place and you should show your manager the seven points below.

1. You have got everything in one place

Let us not treat labels too literally - an event registration platform is not just a function that lets you register attendees. In reality, it is a complex tool you can use to organize your event from the beginning till the very end. Starting with creating a responsive website, handling the registration process, communicating with the attendees, and finishing with controlling access to selected areas of the venue during the conference and generating reports. Quite a lot of things, don’t you think? And that’s the point!

2. You automate your work and improve efficiency

Delegating parts of your work to the computer can make some tasks take minutes instead of hours. This in turn lets you save time and energy, that you can use to accomplish something more creative. Psst! By the way, shouldn’t the time of tedious copying text from one place to another have ended some time in the Middle Ages?

Monk copyist

Fig. Event Manager registering event attendees without dedicated software, circa 2018.

3. You control the entire process

It’s not that we are some kind of control freaks… but CONREGO lets you control the event at any point in the organization process! Example? With a few clicks, you can check at which stage of registration a particular attendee is, whether they have given their email address, selected sessions on the agenda, booked accommodation, or what is the total income from that registration. During the conference, you can track guest activity with the use of QR codes placed on name badges.

4. You are aware of your attendees’ preferences and needs

This point is directly related to the previous one and its motto is: ‘our client is our master’. By monitoring the activity of attendees at the conference, you get information about their preferences, interests, and needs. That is because you can track where a particular attendee has just entered, how long they have been there, and where they are going to go next, at any time.

5. You can view the statistics and reports

We know that not everyone holds deep hidden love for spreadsheets, charts, and statistics. But if you do, you’ll be in heaven with CONREGO. Our system can gather humongous amounts of data about the conference you organize with it. In the administration panel of the application, you can almost instantly access all the necessary data, including but not limited to: progress of registration in selected time periods, number of bookings and available spots in hotels, number of attendees by category, or number of registrations by status.

6. You can use the system for various purposes

The quality of CONREGO software means that you cannot overrate is its flexibility. All of its features have their intended applications but there is nothing keeping you from using them in different ways. For instance, with CONREGO, you can handle contest entries or cashbacks. Anything else? Most definitely, and this is why we encourage you to experiment on our own!

7. We support you

On the other side of the screen, the CONREGO team stands fast to help their clients should the need arise. You can contact us at any time via email or online chat. You can also visit our website to find lots of inspiring content - guides, FAQs, tips, interviews with experts. We are at your disposal!

If this doesn’t convince your manager that event management software is indispensable… I guess nothing will. Sorry!

Tomasz Chrościechowski