#eventgoer: The Speaker

#eventgoer: The Speaker

Hi! My name is Mark Guru. I’m an event goer. I’d like to invite you to my lecture on the use of social media in digital marketing. It’s in the green room at 5:30.

You will see me at events like conferences, seminars, and workshops. I like giving lectures but, unfortunately, I only have so much time and I cannot attend every event I’m invited to. Oh, and I’m writing a new book at the same time.

I pay particular attention to the reach of the event. I’ll be honest: it’s business and I need to care about my brand. A lecture at a major event can make my books sell better, it can get me more consulting jobs… and more lecture opportunities.

I expect benefits adequate to the value I bring to the event. Consideration, promotion. And no empty spots at my lectures, obviously!

I’m annoyed when the staff do not have the information I need. I mean, I won’t be rude, it accomplishes nothing and they are people too. But I really need to get around quickly on breaks, especially before my own lectures. If an attendee is late, that’s no big deal, at most they will miss the introduction. But if I’m late, we’re simply losing time.

What I like most is the afterparty. It’s a great thing after an exhausting day and you get to meet new people, talk to them and have a laugh.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Mark. Professional. Well-informed staff - agreed. It doesn’t only influence the attendees’ perception of the event but also very real organizational issues. Another thing worth noting is that Mark expects his lecture room to be full to the brim. I often say that you should engage your speakers in the promotion of your event. I think Mark would be more than happy to help you ‘acquire’ more attendees from his social media audience. You just need to talk to him and maybe give him some encouragement.
Look forward to another event goer soon!