10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Event

If you’re organizing an event, you surely want as many people to know about it as possible. What to do to make it that way? Try the tips below and your event is sure to be a thing!

10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Event

1. Social proof

Just think: how many people have registered for your events so far? Is it a hefty number? Use this to your advantage and add a counter of registered attendees. This way, you will show that you’re experienced in your craft and you’re getting more and more attendees. Don’t forget to ask the guests of your previous conferences for their opinions!

2. Blogging

Blogging is very beneficial for a number of reasons. First, it increases organic search results when potential attendees search for events. Second, it generates content for promoting your event on social media. What’s more, if you have a blog, you can network with other bloggers, exchange content with them and, consequently, increase your reach.

3. Using your speakers’ educational content

Are you organizing an event with speakers? Use it! Focus on the outline of the conference and base your promotional content on it. It will surely resonate with your attendees’ needs.

4. Venue promotion

Have you managed to find a really attractive venue for your event? You must not let this opportunity pass!

5. Cool stuff promotion

Not every event planner can afford to invite Madonna. And that’s not the point! Regardless of whether you arrange a great entertainer show (even a small-scale one) or exotic foods tasting, pay attention to detail. Start making teasers: did you know about that show, or these exotic dishes, or other unique experiences? All this information can do a lot for you. And remember, diversity is key!

6. Sponsors and partners

It is true that sponsors are hard to come by but do not be discouraged. If they see that you support them, ask them to reciprocate if they haven’t done that already. It never hurts to ask! Your partners can also be your advocates and help you double the scope of your promotion.

7. Incentivizing social media shares

Sharing content on social media is powerful. Encourage your audience to share information about your event on social media by making them an offer they can’t refuse. A perfect online tool to do that is Expect Referrals.

8. Facebook or LinkedIn Ads

Social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, offer a cheap and direct way of reaching prospective attendees. But remember to take part in the Facebook ad creation course before writing one. It will teach you, among others, that very important parts of these ads are images and a concise CTA (Call-To-Action) - it can make a world of difference!

9. Plan ahead

Not all of us can spare several months to plan ahead but it’s worth remembering that the sooner the better. If you have a few months of headstart, you will easily formulate a plan and it will be easier for you to find sponsors.

10. CTA content

It may be obvious to some, but words have power. This is why every single sentence used in event promotion should live, engage, pose a question, praise others, place followers in the spotlight, be enthusiastic. If you don’t care about your event, why should others?

Obviously, these are only select tips for creating an effective event marketing strategy. What’s your experience and which tactic worked best?

Tomasz Chrościechowski