9 Tools to Help You Promote Your Event

Event promotion is an indispensable part of any event. What should you do to make it easier? Use the right tools, of course!

9 Tools to Help You Promote Your Event


An exceptionally useful tool for brand monitoring that searches the Internet for set phrases for you. You can use it to find mentions of your event on websites and in social media. Brand24 also lets you analyze the sentiment, know influencer score, and monitor the actions of your competition… It’s sure nice to be updated!


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest managed from a single website or a mobile dashboard? Buffer can make it happen! A built-in scheduler will suggest optimal publishing times for each platform, basing on audience activity. Obviously, you can modify it to suit your needs.


Apart from the registration form, our application lets you build a simple event page or a complex website, introduce complex pricing policy, handle discount codes, and track sources of registrations.


With GetResponse, you can create complex automation workflows for email marketing, drip campaigns, and webinars.

Facebook Remarketing

Do you want to display paid ads to people who have visited your website? You can do it with this tool.

Google Analytics

I don’t think Google Analytics needs any introduction. You can use it to analyze the traffic on your website. The application lets you generate around 80 kinds of reports.


It’s one of the most popular and widely used content publishing tools. Apart from the mass planning feature, Hootsuite helps you engage the audience.


IFTTT automates repeatable and tedious tasks of manual marketing in the majority of core social media networks and platforms. The number of things you can do with it is really big.


Are you wondering how to engage your attendees during registration? The easiest way is to use LiveChat. It will help you create the image of an organizer that can be easily contacted. It’s particularly effective when communicating with millennials.

Tomasz Chrościechowski