Handling of Guests

Modules of the CONREGO application belonging to the Handling of Guests group support work, while the event is in progress. The group contains two modules that enable welcoming participants and verifying their access rights to selected areas within a conference facility.

The Handling of Guests section contains the following modules:
  • Reception Desk - It enables verifying of data and marking attendance of participants that have arrived. This module is added to the CONREGO Pro suite, but it is also a separate add-on to the CONREGO Light version.
  • Access control - This add-on enables verifying rights of participants, as required for entry and/or exit control from selected areas within a conference facility.
  • Attendance lists - This panel enables over-viewing attendance lists created based on the readings received when the Access control module was in operation.
The modules are inter-connected using appropriate panels on the participant sheet (Participant path tracking) and the Statistics section (Reception Desk). The verification of attendance lists based on the work of the Reception Desk module can be carried out, using the basic report available in the Reports > Participants section.
The Reception Desk module greatly facilitates the work of reception areas, by smoothly checking in and greeting of participants, and by collecting all information, regarding their rights, based on the data entered during their registration process (or the data previously imported into the system).

The basic functionality enables the following:
  • Manual searching and ticking off of the participants that have arrived;
  • Adding of the participants that did not register, before the event started;
  • Editing basic personal details of the people that arrived for the event.
Use the PDF Creator module that will enable you to use bar code or QR code readers, at the reception desk. The codes generated in ID badges or passes can be scanned, using appropriate readers, which speeds up the work of the Reception desk significantly. In addition, using the PDF Creator module enables generating an ID badge template that can be printed out, during the event.
The additional Access Control module enables scanning of bar or QR codes from ID badges, in order to verify access rights of a particular participant to selected areas, during the event. To use the module, one needs to have a hardware unit, in the form of a notebook/tablet computer and a bar code/QR code reader. Monitor capacity of rooms, verify access rights, and check attendance during lectures and workshops, using a user-friendly panel.
The Attendance lists module generates reports regarding participants, who signed up for and attended selected events – access to such events is verified with the Access Control module. All reports are generated in the tabular form and they can be exported to XLS files.

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