The Communication module is used to edit and send individual or multiples (mass) email messages of various types.

The available functionality makes it possible to create a template and content for your mailing. The implemented popular TinyMCE editor enables editing the code of messages, including HTML and CSS headers, which translates into the possibility of creating responsive message templates.

Thanks to using the CRON task scheduler, email blasts are queued and delivered at pre-determined time intervals. Communication with participants is one of the modules based on an independent system of creating registration groups.

Mailings originating from the CONREGO system can be sent to email addresses of the people that applied for participating in an event, or to the addresses that were imported into the system, based on data from XLS files. The latter of the two options corresponds to a situation, when you require a tool that enables sending of electronic invitations containing unique links to the registration form pre-filled with data of the people you wish to invite to participate.

Thanks to the functions embedded in CONREGO, you are able to significantly reduce the risk of classifying mailings you have sent as SPAM, on servers of their recipients. Advanced configuration is carried out using the Email settings.
The functions made available in the Communication module facilitate the following:
  • Creating a template for mailing or electronic invitation that contains tags generating unique links (that redirect to registrations imported using the Reports -> Participants rejestracji).
  • Adding attachments to email messages, in the form of files sent from a hard disk drive;
  • Adding attachments to email messages, created on the go using the PDF Creator module;
  • Personalise content of mailing using registration tags;
  • Creating email messages with content containing a QR code that identifies the participant at the reception desk managed with the Reception Desk module;
  • Saving templates of created messages for future deliveries;
  • Sending email messages to saved groups of participants or to individual email addresses;

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