CONREGO is an efficient command center for any event organizer, be it a conference, a workshop, or some other event.

We, at CONREGO, are fully aware of the diversity across the needs of event managers. We have learned this first-hand, working with event managers since 2010. During that time, we have served 277887 attendee registrations over 614 events. The CONREGO system is the answer to all these needs.

For your convenience, we have divided the command center into two groups of modules. The system configuration modules, which ideally are visited only once, were placed in the Configuration Menu. The modules featuring daily use functions, on the other hand, can be found in the User Menu.

User Menu


Statistics and summaries of data presented as graphs and tables, together with quick access to reports based on registrations, payments and surveys collected in the application.


This module generates invaluable reports containing the data gathered in other system’s modules (e.g. Registration, Payments, Surveys, On-site Service). You can save each generated report as an XLS file.


Now you do not need any external applications to create and send mailing campaigns, invitations, and notifications to your attendees. This module even lets you launch an SMS campaign!

Website (in Premium and All-In-One plans)

You do not need to be a web designer to launch a beautiful and responsive event website. This module gives you full control not only over the website content but also over its layout, with the use of user-friendly creators.

On-site Service (in All-In-One plan)

The two views of this module will allow you to quickly serve your guests at the reception desk and to completely control their access rights to various areas of the venue. If you want to avoid lines at the reception desk - using this module is the right solution.

PDF Creator (in All-In-One plan)

ID badges, tickets, and certificates need to be personalized. Using this module, you can design templates that will be used to generate PDF documents that can be attached to mailings or printed - prior to the event or during the event, at the reception desk.

Configuration Menu


Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are missing something? In this module, you can overview all the key system settings and access the right section of the administration panel if needed.


A set of functions that let you adjust the visuals and style of your event website, configure e-mail accounts, integrate SMS provider, translate registration forms into any number of language versions, and more.


A powerful tool that lets you easily configure and carry out even the most complex registration processes, including personalized attendee agenda and accommodation booking.


This module allows you to support paid registration process, employing discount codes and following payment gateway integrations: Stripe, PayPal,, DotPay, eCard, FirstData, (Polcard), Paylane, PayU, Przelewy24.

Surveys (in Premium and All-In-One plans)

Easy to use and exceptionally functional module that will help you create a registration form that can be used to carry out a survey, a contest, or to gather academic article abstracts. Are you organizing an academic conference? This module lets you conveniently review incoming submissions.

CSS & JS Editor

The module features four code editors you can use to extensively modify the layout and functions of the event website, and integrate it with external services (e.g. Google Analytics, AdWords, or Facebook Remarketing).


This function grants you full control over administration panel user permissions.

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