12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

How to prepare an event invitation and not forget about anything? You only need to check the points below! Continue reading...

12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

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Our event management software was recently reviewed by trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and emerged with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Case study: 8th ABSL Conference

VIII ABSL Conference, Łódź 2017. More than 40 discussion panels attended by around 1000 guests. This huge event has been fully supported by CONREGO application. Did everything go as intended?
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Case study: RhinoForum 2016

This article is dedicated to giving you details about an event organised by the Polish Rhinology Society. We have supported that society for many years – we have worked together continually since March 2012, to be exact.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Case study: the 24th International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association

It was professional, impressive, and demanding. There was truly a lot of action! And when was that? At the 24th International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Case study: 7th ABSL Conference

7th ABSL Conference, Katowice, 2016. It was a huge international event attended by nearly 1,000 participants and accompanied by sky-high expectations. How did we handle such an event?
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

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