Event Attendee Registration

Our team will prepare a registration system fully adjusted to your needs. Thanks to the flexibility of CONREGO software, we can create a bespoke attendee registration form for your event.

Types of participation

Quite often, event organization forces event managers to divide attendees into categories (e.g. participant, speaker, sponsor, press). This division is usually necessary because of the profile of the event, logistics, or budget. Attendee registration based on CONREGO allows you not only to create numerous categories, but also to assign them limits of registrations. Using this option, you can avoid overbooking and control the total number of registered attendees.

Steps of registration

Registration process in CONREGO is divided into steps, some of which are optional (*):

Our team is able to modify any step and the order at which they are presented to the attendee. Upon request, we can also add new stages or create conditional stages available after meeting certain criteria (e.g. a specific category of participation).

Personal details and preferences form

The form available for attendees can take any shape. CONREGO allows you to mark fields as required, making it impossible to continue without filling them in. You can also build a conditional form. It means that a registration form can be different for various types of participation or evolves depending on attendee's choices.

List of types of participation, events and key services

The organizer defines the options available to attendee by adding agenda items in CONREGO. Each item can be assigned a description, a facility, speakers, and a category (e.g. lecture, poster session). Items on the agenda can be divided into tabs representing days or thematic sessions.

Accommodation based on a list of available hotels

CONREGO offers possibility to include accommodation in the registration process. This function allows you to assign them a range of parameters (e.g. address, OpenStreetMap coordinates, room types), specifying rooms' capacity and their availability at a particular date.

Summary of registration

A page with summary is a source of information about registration process for the attendee: entered data, selected agenda items and accommodation. At this stage, the attendee can still go back to change the information they entered. The content of the summary is fully configurable.

Thank-you page and confirmation email

The attendee who confirmed their registration will receive a confirmation email. The process and the result of this stage depends on the type of participation and event's business model. Possibilities of our software are pictured by 3 examples:

a) Free registration – the attendee is redirected to the thank-you page and receives the confirmation of registration via email and/or text message,

b) Paid registration (regular bank transfer) – the attendee is redirected to the thank-you page and receives the confirmation of registration via email and/or text message. A proforma invoice is attached to the confirmation email.

c) Paid registration (online payment) – the participant is redirected to the payment gateway and completes the transaction, and then automatically redirected to the thank-you page and receives the confirmation of registration via email and/or text message. In addition, they receive a payment confirmation email with a final invoice attached.

There are lots of applications and processes that can be managed with CONREGO registration software. We can meet any expectations and precisely adjust the functionality to the needs of any event.

Within the Enterprise model, we will help you: