Recruiting volunteers with CONREGO event registration software

Does the event you organize require you to accept volunteer submissions?

Recruiting volunteers with CONREGO event registration software

Even if it does not, the article below is well worth reading. It is quite possible it will inspire you to find new, interesting solutions.

The initial purpose of CONREGO’s Surveys module was to accept and process incoming submissions of questionnaires, abstracts, scientific papers, and contest entries. In other words, accepting and processing such records is the standard application of this module. However, sometimes it is better to think outside the box and not be limited to standard applications.

Example: Convention Bureau - Wroclaw

One of the most important features of the system is that you can adapt its functions to your needs. CONREGO is flexible and versatile. If you want to use it unconventionally, you are free to do so. A great example is given by Jakub Grudniewski and Agnieszka Szymerowska, Convention Bureau - Wrocław.

During a very interesting conversation, our guests told me that volunteers are a big part of Wrocław Global Forum. They employed an outdated method of accepting volunteer submission and it worked poorly. Why? In short, it took a great deal of time and was not very effective. CONREGO’s Surveys module saved them a lot of time - both the Wrocław Global Forum organizers and potential volunteers.

How does it work?

The Surveys module lets you create a database of registered volunteer candidates. This base lets us contact the candidates and exchange files with them. This way, they can upload their pictures to be placed on IDs and serve a purpose in the registration process.

The important thing is that the surveys are fully responsive. You can fill them in from a PC as well as a tablet or a smartphone. Thus, the process of volunteer registration is easy, quick, and available wherever Internet connection is available.

Around 160 volunteers work at every edition of Wrocław Global forum with about 220 candidates registering via the registration form. With numbers like that, it is vital that you properly categorize the candidates. The system does not let you down in that matter - you can categorize submissions with a few clicks.

Depending on the requirements, you can have volunteers register via the Registration or Surveys module. The latter lets you grade submissions by selected moderators, which cannot be done with the Registration module. However, the choice of the preferred module is ultimately yours to make.

Luke Krawczuk

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