How to Make Your Social Media Work for Your Sponsors?

Do you want to create a mutually beneficial relation with your sponsor? Do you want to show them that they have found a good, lucrative investment? It’s not that difficult! You only need to know how to use social media to achieve this.

How to Make Your Social Media Work for Your Sponsors?

Run a hashtag competition

Give your audience a chance to win a sponsored reward! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a giftcard, a gadget, or something totally different. It does matter, however, that the reward has some value and is directly related to the sponsor.

Rules of the competition should be based on a novel hashtag. Try to come up with something that draws attention and is catchy at the same time, then engage your audience… and wait until it kicks in!

Sponsors will benefit because they will reach a new audience.

Engage your audience in a discussion

Engage your audience to have a discussion with the sponsor. How? The easiest method is to ask a question. Which [sponsor's] product is the best? We need help picking the best of the best!

Currently, many brands use this strategy not only to engage the audience but also to gather actually useful information.

Give away the sponsor’s money

There are many opportunities to use social media for charity or aims related to your business mission. Most often, such activities go like this: the organizer designs a hashtag and releases information that each time someone comments using this hashtag, the sponsor will donate $1 to a selected charity organization. If you can’t come up with anything original, there’s always the good and trusted template #thanks[sponsor].

Open your channel for sponsors

Are you active on a number of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Perhaps, instead of doing marketing for your sponsor yourself, just let them use one of your channels?

The sponsor will be able to publish the exact content they want to publish, but using your social media channels. Obviously, the aim here isn’t to force sales using your channel, but to present a new type of content on the premise of guest posting.

Sponsors often opt for this solution for one simple reason - it gives them the opportunity to directly interact with your audience.

Add sponsors to your website

You surely have an event website. Use it and place a logo and/or ad of your sponsor on it. In addition, consider using a social media widget to show latest publications on your social media profile. Combined with the previous method, this will allow the content published by your sponsor on your social media profiles to be displayed on your website as well.

Tomasz Chrościechowski