About us

CONREGO came to life in 2010 to provide event organizers with a set of solutions that support implementation of the most time-consuming and costly processes.

Since 2010, we have maintained our position as a leader that provides IT services for the event industry in Poland. The application that forms the foundation of CONREGO offer is an answer to a whole range of needs regarding sending of invitations, electronic registration of participants, communication, managing the reception desk, running a website, and reporting. We have come a long way to make this application what it is today. Meet the team!

Tomasz Chrościechowski

CONREGO Founder. Tomasz is the self-appointed sheriff of our office. He decides who should unload the dishwasher and who should throw out the garbage. His list of hobbies includes web design, running a business, and contacting clients.

Łukasz Krawczuk

Customer Care. Court translator, help panel author, and product customers' object of desire. If you encounter a problem with some function, then call him, mail him, or just come over to give him something to do. He is also responsible for handling the door phone.

Adam Możejko

Project Coordinator. Adam is the service clients' favorite. He is able to get anything done and answer any question. And if he isn't, he sits next to Krzysztof, so he will be able soon. Do you know anyone who can handle 10 projects at once? Now you do.

Krzysztof Jagoda

Senior Developer. Krzysztof has written a great majority of CONREGO application. When Adam or Łukasz cannot fix something, it is him who turns his merciful eyes upon the problem and solves it in minutes. In his BMW, he's the fastest mammal known to mankind.

Marcin Witek

Senior Developer. The first one is his first name. And this joke only makes sense when you know Polish names. Marcin does not work at the office with us but he wrote first versions of CONREGO practically alone. Now he handles big applications of CONREGO and helps Krzysztof.

Sylwia Kluczewska

Editor. Sylwia works remotely as well. She prepares interview transcripts, edits Tomasz's scribbles, and makes no spelling erors. She can type at 8563 keystrokes per minute. I didn't believe it either but all the numbers add up and maths don't lie.


What CONREGO offers has always been an answer to specific needs of organizers of events and such, it has evolved with them.

Our services regarding registration and support for participants of events, and settlement of costs, have been recognised by leaders in the event industry, who attract followers by the day. We pursue the following primary goals: to continue providing services for organizers of events, and to distribute CONREGO Event Registration & Management Software that constitutes the means of providing our services. CONREGO System accumulates the experience we have gained from our involvement in hundreds of events since 2010. Thanks to this application, by the end of 2017, there were as many as 300,000 participants that registered for various events using our system. Today, CONREGO is much more than just a tool. It has become a recognised quality standard and proven work methodology that is available to event organizers all around the globe. We strive to create awareness of the possibilities that are within reach of event managers. With their help, we improve the technology that solves real problems they face.


We have a specific role to play as a leader among providers of IT solutions for the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) industry.

We see our future as innovation-based, constantly perfecting quality standards, and making event organizers aware of the advantages brought by implementing IT solutions in their everyday work. Our activities are based on the foundation of systematic improvement of the comfort, security, and efficiency of work for event managers, both in Poland and abroad. We believe that we are capable of creating such a model of event management that will eliminate the most frequent mistakes made by event managers, and ultimately become the industry's standard.

Our clients include...

Event and public relations agencies, organizers of training courses and business meetings, private companies and corporations, ministries, offices and governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, producers of art festivals, associations, and schools/universities.

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