Communication with participants of events via emails

Can you imagine that you have to write and then manually send email messages to a few hundred or a few thousand participants? Neither can we!

Communication with participants of events via emails

And that is the reason why this entry is dedicated to the functions that a registration software designed to facilitate communication with participants of your event should have.

Mass sending of messages

Communication is essential – it is a cliché, at best. However, it becomes particularly essential, if you are about to organise an event. In such circumstances, you are obliged to send email blasts, be it before the event, while it is in progress, or after it has finished. All participants must receive reminders about the incoming event, thank-you messages for their participation, and other important messages – there are no exceptions. How can one handle such a task?

The best solution

In CONREGO, we do not leave anything to chance and we are always certain that things will go as we wish them to go. This approach has made us realise that such solutions as manual entering of data or exporting data to mailboxes are not only obsolete, but also time-consuming, costly, and impractical. It is the registration software itself that must make it possible to communicate with participants.

A multi-functional platform

A well-designed registration system for participants is a multi-functional platform capable of supporting an event on many levels. It must contain a mailing module that enables sending various types of messages, including:

A good event registration software has all the mentioned functions, which means that the organiser and participants will save a lot of time, and the registration process will go quickly and smoothly.

Luke Krawczuk

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