Abstract Management & Review System

CONREGO comes with a built-in survey system allowing you to conduct marketing research or gather and grade academic paper submissions and competition entries.

Academic paper reviews

If you are organizing an academic conference, we can prepare an abstract and paper submission form as part of the implementation. The form will include fields specified by the organiser and will allow the author to send a file with their paper, add their personal details and other information. The submission form will be available on one of the pages of your event website.

Each submission can be graded by designated reviewers. That is why the option of adding categories and automatically assigning reviewers was created.

The author sending an abstract chooses the paper category. CONREGO assigns the paper to reviewers who handle the proper category and notifies them of a new paper submission. The system allows the organizer, or a designated moderator, to accept or reject submitted applications on the basis of the average of reviewers' grades. When the moderator accepts or rejects a submission, a proper email is automatically sent to the author.

The Surveys module is used in implemenations that require: