Custom Event Badges & Certificates of Attendance

The ability to easily generate badges and certificates ready to print saves plenty of time. As an Event Manager, you will surely make a good use of these extra hours you get.

PDF Generator

Such documents are usually printed at the most critical moment, a few days before the event or at the event. A badge or certificate almost always contains fixed and variable content simultaneously. Fixed content is, for example, the name of the conference, its logotype, the date and place of the event, the name of the organizer, or the amount of CME credits at conferences for doctors. Variable content includes, for example, the name of the attendee and the name of the organization they represent or other data included in the registration form. During the implementation work, you just need to tell us what information will be treated as variables, and our graphic designer will place it in appropriate spots on the document template. CONREGO allows you to generate PDF files in any size.

Badges with QR codes

Events that require control of the flow of visitors or restrictions on access to areas of the venue may need the implementation of Check-in and Access Control module. In this case, a unique QR code (or barcode) is automatically generated as part of each bagde to be included in the project, allowing your staff to identify attendees by scanning their badges with QR code readers.

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