Event Data Reporting & Processing

If there is any data in the system, you can define a report containing this data. This general rule applies to the entire CONREGO registration software.

Permanent access to the data you need

We know from experience that there are some categories of data that the organizers always want to have access to. In order to meet these needs, CONREGO offers a set of predefined reports useful in everyday work. These are statements and reports containing:

Using filters, it is possible to create e.g. lists of people filtered by the type of participation, selected accommodation, paid and free participation options, registration status, or language version of the form used by the attendee. Depending on the needs of the organizer, we can also create filters based on any fields in the registration form. All data in the system can be freely edited by the user in CONREGO administration panel. A report can be saved as an XLS file on the user's disk or sent directly from the system to any e-mail address.

Within the Enterprise model, we will help you: