Event Sales, Payment Processing & Billing

CONREGO system allows you to conveniently sell event tickets and hotel bookings thanks to integration with many payment gateway providers, handling discounts, and automated invoicing.

A flexible price list together with payment settlement and invoice generation make the system an effective, convenient, and secure sales platform. Limitless possibilities of CONREGO result from several features designed to help you sell participation, tickets, entrance fees, excursions, training, accommodation, transport, conference materials, and other paid services and goods.

Defining prices and discounts

The options added to the registration process are reflected in the price list, which allows you to assign prices and VAT rates. We can assign prices to each service and adjust its value to different categories of attendees. In addition, our software comes with a feature that allows you to freely manipulate discounts on selected services depending on the registration date. This allows you to implement progressive price gradation - early bird, regular, last minute - rewarding those who register early. As part of the implementation service (Enterprise), we will ask you to provide a price list file, which we will configure in the application.


In case of paid events, we distinguish three basic methods of billing. Your choice will influence payment processing and invoice generation. CONREGO handles payments using:

Bank transfers

A bank transfer can be made by the attendee on the basis of data included in the confirmation email. However, most organizers prefer to attach relevant documents to the confirmation, so that the attendee can print it out and hand over to the person responsible for making the payment. A proforma invoice is such document. It is automatically generated by the system on the basis of a premade template. In this case, the organizer needs to track the transaction on the bank account. Once the transaction is complete, the final invoice can be issued.

Credit cards and fast online transfers

They are an alternative to traditional bank transfers and allow for an immediate settlement. The detailed scope of services is specified in the agreement concluded between the event organizer and the gateway provider. Usually, the person making the payment completes the transaction in the payment gateway and returns to CONREGO thank you page. After positive authorization of the transaction, the final invoice is automatically issued and sent as an attachment to the confirmation of transaction email.

By default, CONREGO software is not integrated with any financial and accounting software but such integration can be done for custom implementations.

Within the Enterprise model, we will help you: