Paid and free-of-charge event registration handled simultaneously – Part I

Organisers of events often look for solutions that enable the registration for a paid event, and at the same providing free-of-charge registration to a specific group of guests.

Paid and free-of-charge event registration handled simultaneously – Part I

It is not seldom that we see events offering paid and free-of-charge registration at the same time. It is relatively easy to support a registration process in the paid or free-of-charge form, since the majority of registration systems support both methods. Unfortunately, not all solutions make it possible to use both types of registration simultaneously. One must take into consideration the fact that designing a tool to support such a process requires a considerable level of complexity.

Learn about the strategy applied to solve this problem before you choose a registration system that will support your conference or congress in the best way. According to my experience, you can use one of the three solutions discussed below to solve the problem of paid and free-of-charge registration of participants happening simultaneously.

Types of participation

A well-designed registration system enables dividing participants into categories. Such a division is applied when we want to offer different conditions of participation, depending on types of participants. An event registration system should make it possible for an event organiser to assign different rates and conditions to each of the pre-defined types of participation, thus ensuring smooth and safe registration.


Following people will participate in a conference:


you need a registration form that supports three types of participation, to which it will be possible to assign different rates, at the same time. Furthermore, the registration form dedicated to journalists should make it possible to hide the section corresponding to invoice data, which eliminates the risk that such participants would be asked to provide data they do not need to provide.

Invitation codes

By applying types of participation you will be able to support various categories of participants but it will not be possible to rule out the possibility of someone pretending to be a journalist in order to register for free. In this case, you can use a registration system that enables the use of invitation codes during the registration process. CONREGO offers a unique solution that makes it possible to apply passwords that unlock the registration form dedicated to that particular type of participation. This way, it will only be possible for the people who received invitation codes to register for the selected types of participation. Invitation codes can be used for the following two purposes:

Discount codes

Sometimes, it is necessary for you to apply types of participation for other reasons than to simply have control over the costs of participation. However, if it is necessary to apply different rates or even zero rates for selected people, regardless of reasons, you may find it useful to take advantage of the functionality provided by invitation codes. The field in a registration form dedicated to entering a code must calculate the discount automatically.

The CONREGO system has a sophisticated but, at the same time, user-friendly mechanism responsible for supporting discount codes through the Payments module available in all Subscription Plans.

In my next post, I am going to discuss the concept of preparing the registration process and automatic communication in such a manner that communication is dependant on the obligations of a registering participant.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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