Event Registration Platform as a Tool in Marketing Campaigns

How did the idea of using event registration software to carry out a cashback come to life and why was it a bullseye? In today’s interview, our questions will be answered by Kasia Dulemba, Polymus Account Manager.

Event Registration Platform as a Tool in Marketing Campaigns

Polymus is a 360° agency that has specialized in complex integrated campaigns since 1996, employing various media. Polymus is a part of Arteria S.A. Corporate Group.

We have started cooperating in 2012 by supporting one of HP Polska conferences, after which Kasia Dulemba asked us if our event registration system could be used to handle cashback submissions.

How did the idea of using event registration software to carry out a cashback come to life and why was it a bullseye? In today’s interview, our questions will be answered by Kasia Dulemba, Polymus Account Manager.

I’ve still got the email from August 29, 2012 in my mailbox. It starts with “Hello, I need to get a quote for the project outlined below ASAP because we need to start soon!”. Then you described the requirements for the system that was meant to support a promotion. The gist of the promotion was that the end user who bought a promoted product could get some of the costs back or receive computer accessories. How did you get the idea that you could use event registration software to handle this promotion?

The registration system is directly proportional to the quality of CONREGO’s services… which is top notch. Since the beginning, I had no doubt that the registration standards will be transferred to the promotion system. You had my insights, the tool, know-how, and - most importantly - engagement, which is all that you needed to adapt the product to the requirements of a cashback.

Cashbacks and sales promotions organized for the partners of major manufacturers are your daily bread. Employing a registration system automates a foreseeable part of that work, namely accepting customer submissions. But how does the system help you process the data further (evaluate and verify proofs of sale)?

I can remember the time when most promotion submissions were delivered by email. Yeah, promotions used to be a challenge regarding how tedious it was to carry them out. If the client’s resources allow us to build a website and use a registration system, the quality of service and work reaches a much higher level. The system - thanks to your ability to listen to the needs resulting from the mechanics and rules - is a tailor made tool. Submissions are aggregated in a single place; you can conveniently filter and verify them. The system presents them all or individual ones in an easy to read manner. We always have a wide array of functions allowing for mass actions at our disposal, e.g. automated event communication, changing statuses, removing invalid submissions. When accessing individual submissions, I can view all the data I need to make the decision whether the submission is valid or not, e.g. personal details, address, contact details, photos of the proof of sale.

Whenever you manage a promotion, we always build a small - but always responsive - website. What is the function of the website in such projects and why is it so vital that it is responsive?

A responsive registration website is closely knit with the submission verification system because it gathers valuable data in a user-friendly way. The clarity of the website, including the registration form, is crucial for the promotion to work as intended. Responsiveness is a standard that I cannot imagine a proper website without. Limiting the participants’ ability to submit their promotion applications by not providing them with a responsive website would be shooting yourself in the foot as we want as big customer engagement as possible.

What is the most common problem the participants of your promotions encounter when registering and how does CONREGO help you solve these problems?

People have problems with reading comprehension. As a result, they have issues filling in the submission form properly. They often enter the tax ID with a wrong number of characters or just skip other important form fields. In such cases, the system forces them to provide proper and complete data.

If you had to describe a feature that is missing from CONREGO or a process you would like to have handled more efficiently, what would that be?

Honestly, I can’t think of anything like that. Up until now, every need resulting from the mechanics of the promotion has been reflected in the system as a new feature. Every promotion is accompanied by new challenges, and that means a lot of new features and processes to design.

I’m sure you employ a number of tools at work to effectively reach your objectives and save time doing so. CONREGO aside, what other tools do you use on a daily basis and how do they influence your workday routine?

One of such tools is certainly the accounting system created by Arteria (the corporate group we’re part of). It allows us to quickly and intuitively manage income, costs, legal services, etc. Moreover, many of our subcontractors have catalogues of their services and products that let me find the article I want, give a quote for it, or even prepare a visualization with only a few clicks.

Thank you for this conversation!

The effective service of a cashback by the Polymus agency using CONREGO is the perfect example that our online registration software is in fact a management multitool that completely adapts to the client’s requirements. We are proud that CONREGO can satisfy such diverse requirements.

Tomasz Chrościechowski