Automate ticket sales and invoicing to focus on organizing

Features of the Payments module let you conveniently and automatically handle the sales of hotel room bookings and tickets for any event.

Price List

Event organizers who use CONREGO come from different parts of the world. This is why the first option this section features is currency and VAT rates configuration. Use it to adjust the system to your state’s tax system. The Price List lets you assign prices in all configured currencies to points in the agenda and hotel rooms in given time periods and depending on the type of participation and time of registration. In addition, you can assign one of configured VAT rates to each item.

Accounting Documents

If you want to use CONREGO to automatically draw proforma and VAT invoices, then you are in the right section to activate this feature and configure the content of these documents. Using available options, you can:

  • adjust the invoice numeration system,
  • change the due date on proforma invoices,
  • set invoice lines by aggregating items on the agenda and accommodation options,
  • rebrand invoices by placing your own logo in the header,
  • select registration form fields to be used as buyer’s details on invoices
  • enter your own organization’s details in the Seller’s Details tab.
CONREGO - Event Agenda Price List for Attendees

E-mail Messages

The better the communication between the organizer and attendees, the more effective the handling of payments. This is why we placed three tabs in this section. They let you edit three kinds of automated messages the application can send to attendees on certain conditions:

  • confirmation of transaction, which can be sent either automatically or manually, depending on the selected payment method and settings,
  • payment reminder, which will be automatically sent at a specified time (N days after the registration was made) to all attendees who have not paid yet,
  • registration cancellation, which will be automatically sent to all attendees who have not paid for their participation within specified time.

Discount codes

One of the tools you can use to encourage attendees to register early or reward your regulars are discount codes. Using this section’s interface, you can easily:

  • manually enter or automatically generate any number of codes,
  • set the validity times of discount codes,
  • apply a number of uses limit to each code,
  • enter a percentage value of the discount for each code,
  • select points on the agenda covered by the discount,
  • save the entire base of codes as an XLS file so you can distribute them easily.
CONREGO - Event Attendee Invoices Settiungs

Payment Methods

CONREGO allows for both easy and quick integration between the registration process and one of the following payment gateways:

  • Stripe,
  • Braintree,
  • PayPal,
  • DotPay,
  • eCard,
  • FirstData (Polcard),
  • Paylane,
  • PayU,
  • Przelewy24.

Each integration can be configured in such way that after the payment is successful, the system automatically changes the registration’s status to "paid" and sends the confirmation of transaction with an invoice attached.

CONREGO - Easy Online Payments Integration with your Event Registration Software

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