Event Attendee Check-In & Access Control in your pocket

  • Always know how many people checked in at the event and how many are still absent.
  • Search through a list of hundreds of attendees in a split second without error.
  • Carry a complete reception desk (except the printer) in your pocket.
  • At any moment, enroll an attendee in any event on the agenda.
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CONREGO subscription is required to use the app. Register your free trial account now if you don’t have one.

CONREGO Check-In & Access Control Screencast
Download CONREGO Check-In for Android

How can CONREGO Check-In help you?

From the beginning, CONREGO endeavors to make event organizers’ life easier by showing them the advantages brought by implementing IT solutions in their everyday work and providing them with such solutions. We are confident about the quality of our software because we’ve developed it together with our clients since 2010 and we continuously use it to provide event registration services.

Native QR code reader

Using it, you will quickly scan a QR code generated by CONREGO in order to access attendee’s data, check them in, and verify their access rights. Should there be a need, you can also easily change the attendee’s details or assign a new QR code to their registration.

Database synchronization

Any changes in attendee’s details and code reads at the Reception Desk or Access Control Checkpoints are immediately recorded in the database. This ensures that attendee’s data are always up-to-date and you can use the read history to analyze attendee behavior.

Handy statistics

You can always check how many people have entered the event, how many are participating in events on the agenda, and how many are yet to come. You no longer have to ask the staff who, in the case of paper lists, could only give you an estimate because you carry all this information - in your pocket.

CONREGO Check-In Screenshots

About the App

CONREGO Check-In is a mobile app that offers all (except printing) features of the On-site Service module. It is a solution that is both more efficient than paper lists or spreadsheets, and cheaper than laptops with QR code readers. To use the app, you only need a CONREGO All-In-One subscription and a mobile with Internet connection, running on Android or iOS. The speed of QR code reading depends on the quality of the device’s camera.

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