CONREGO Check-In Mobile App

Turn your phone or tablet into a mobile reception desk!

You don’t want to overspend buying QR code readers, do you? Or maybe you just need a more handy solution? With CONREGO Check-In mobile app, you can transform a mobile running on Android or iOS into a fully functional reception desk.

The app includes following functions:

  • manually or automatically (by reading QR codes) mark attendees as present at the event,
  • add new attendees (who have not registered before),
  • edit attendee data,
  • assign a new ID badge (e.g. when an attendee has lost their ID badge),
  • verify attendee access rights to selected points on the agenda.

Not unlike the On-site Service module, CONREGO Check-In is divided into two parts: the Check-In, which allows you to note attendance at the event, and Access Control that lets you check if an attendee is authorized to attend a particular point of the event programme.

Download CONREGO Check-In for free:

Download CONREGO Check-In for Android with QR code Download CONREGO Check-In for Android
Download CONREGO Check-In for iOS with QR code Download CONREGO Check-In for iOS

To use the app, you only need a CONREGO All-In-One subscription and a mobile with Internet connection, running on Android or iOS. The speed of QR code reading depends on the quality of the device’s camera.

CONREGO Check-In Mobile App

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