On-site Service

Avoid lines at the conference reception desk and control access of attendees to selected zones

Using the Reception Desk and Access Control sections, you will reorganize your methods of on-site attendee service. The Reception Desk will help you avoid lines when greeting guests, while Access Control will ensure quick verification of access rights to selected areas of the venue.

Reception Desk

This section’s interface lets you:

  • manually or automatically (by reading barcodes or QR codes) mark attendees as present at the event,
  • add new attendees (who have not registered before),
  • edit attendee data,
  • print an ID badge based on a selected PDF Creator template,
  • assign a new ID badge (e.g. when an attendee has lost their ID badge).
CONREGO - Reception Desk Module

Access Control

This section’s interface features two select fields where you pick the object (conference room, corridor, etc.) and the agenda event assigned to this object that you want to control access to. Not unlike in the case of the Reception Desk, the attendee you want to verify can be searched for manually (using the search bar) or automatically (using a barcode or QR code reader). Access Control can function in two modes: entry and exit. As a consequence, you can read both the time of entry and exit of every attendee, which gives you information about available spots and how much time an attendee spent at that agenda event.

CONREGO - Access Control Module

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