Full control over attendee registration process for your event

The registration process in CONREGO is realized in steps. The Registration module allows for both easy and flexible configuration of the entire process, its availability, and individual steps.


In this section, you can control the availability of individual steps of the registration process. The optional steps (Agenda, Accommodation Booking, and Summary) can be left active, disabled globally, or restricted to selected participation types.

Using this section’s functions, you can also select the registration statuses that will take up spots in conference rooms and accommodation sites. In addition, you can decide whether attendees are allowed to register using the same e-mail address multiple times and on what conditions (it does matter in a scenario where a group of attendees are registered by, e.g. a board assistant, who should be the recipient of all the confirmation e-mails).

In addition, this section gives you the option to toggle the registration mode that requires the attendees to input codes to unlock the registration form. This feature is extremely useful when you want to send invitation e-mails using the system. What is more, you can present the invitees with a choice to either accept or reject the invitation after they have used the invitation link. This in turn allows you to react to these decisions in real time and remove the persons who rejected their invitations from the mailing lists.


Using this section, you can disable the registration right away or at a later date. With the help of the intuitive editor, you can enter the content of the subpage that will take place of the registration form once the registration has been disabled.


It is one of the more sophisticated functions of the system. It lets you:

  • enter the content visible in the first step of the registration process,
  • edit the list of participation types and apply limits to each participation type,
  • build and control the layout of a conditional registration form,
  • edit clauses below the registration form,
  • edit terms and conditions that can be linked as hypertext in clauses
CONREGO - Event Registration Form Design

Event Agenda

The second step of the registration process is selecting the items from the agenda. This step is optional. Attendees can use this step to declare which lectures or other events during the conference they want to take part in. Thus, this section lets you:

  • enter the content visible above the agenda,
  • create a list of conference venue rooms and apply spot limits to them,
  • build a segmented list of events and assign them conference venue rooms to apply spot limits to events,
  • select obligatory points in the agenda,
  • declare groups of mutually exclusive events on the agenda (e.g. simultaneous events).

Accommodation Booking

The third step of the registration process, also optional, is accommodation booking. The attendee can select an option from the accommodation sites you configure in this section. Accommodation booking with CONREGO is exceptionally rich in functions as, beside creating the list of hotels, you can:

  • mark them on a Google map,
  • create a list of room types with assigned number of beds,
  • set quantity limits for each type of room (even for individual hotel days),
  • limit the visibility of a hotel in the registration process to a defined time period,
  • add pictures of hotels.
CONREGO - Design your event agenda


The fourth step of the registration process, also optional, helps the attendee verify the data included in their registration. With the help of a simple yet functional editor, you can enter the entire content of this step. This should include some informational content, followed by the data entered by the attendee in the Registration form, the Agenda, and Accommodation booking. At this stage, the attendee can still go back and correct the data they entered. If the attendee chooses to progress with the registration, one of two things will occur:
a) in the case of paid registration and selecting an on-line payment method, they will be redirected to the payment gateway and, after successful payment, to the Confirmation step;
b) in the case of paid registration and selecting regular bank transfer or free registration, they will be redirected to the Confirmation step.


At this point, it would be nice to thank the attendee for registering. This is why you can use the same editor as in the Summary step to enter any necessary content. You can also employ variable tags to sum up the gathered information like you did in the previous step.

Confirmation Message

The instant the confirmation of registration appears on the screen, the application will automatically send a confirmation message you edit in this section. You can add a number of attachments to this e-mail: a proforma invoice (provided the registration’s value is greater than 0 in any currency) or any personalized PDF file based on a template created with the use of the PDF Creator module.

CONREGO - Event Registration Confirmation Message

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