Convenient processing of data in their natural environment - at the source

With the use of the Reports module, you will be able to view and modify all the data gathered in the registration process and other processes handled by other modules of the system. This module is your command center, the source of the most valuable information, and a tool to forge it into effects.


The section’s comprehensive interface lets you:

  • add new registrations one by one, en masse, or by importing an XLS file,
  • assign attendees to groups (to generate reports, send mailings, and generate multipage PDF documents),
  • overview the list of registered attendees and export full reports to XLS files,
  • filter the list of registrations (for participation type, status, registration language, registration time, keywords),
  • quickly search for duplicate registrations (with the same e-mail address),
  • view confirmation of registration e-mails,
  • view the attendee sheet, edit data, post comments, send confirmations of transactions, draw final invoices,
  • carry out mass actions: change statuses, delete registrations, change their participation types, send confirmations of registration, and mailings basing on Mailings module’s templates.
CONREGO - Attendee Reports

Available Spots

Will you give your attendees a number of agenda events to choose from and limit spots at these events by assigning them objects? If so, you will love this section. Using its reports, you will gain full control over the number of taken and available spots at any agenda event. You are only one click away from downloading all the data as an XLS file.


If participation in your event is paid, you will surely appreciate the clarity offered by CONREGO’s payment reports. Besides the functions already present and described in the Attendees section, here, you can instantly overview the list of registrations, including the amounts due, paid, and balance due. You can also draw final invoices without leaving this screen.


The attendee sheet houses a panel where system administrators can post their comments to registrations. In this section of reports, you will effortlessly find registrations with comments and filter them for keywords. All this serves to make data processing and attendee service convenient and data access as quick as possible.

Attendance Lists

If you plan on using the On-site Service > Access Control module, you will gather information on who participated in which training sessions, lectures, or banquets. Every read of a barcode or a QR code by Access Control creates an entry in the system. This is the section where these entries go and make up lists of attendance and… absence. Functions of this module allow you to download XLS files containing detailed reports or a general summary of the flow of attendees during the event.

CONREGO - Payment Reports

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