Work environment that you can constantly customize to your own requirements

The Basics module takes up the second spot in the Configuration Menu. Enter its sections and find an abundance of functions you can use to adapt the system to your needs.


Using this section’s tabs, you will efficiently adapt the layout of the website to your brand’s identity system:

  • enter the name and description of your website homepage,
  • change the logo above the navigation bar, add brand’s profiles on social media, and enable the language version selector,
  • pick the primary and secondary font of the website and colors of its elements and all types of text content,
  • change the background and text of the key visual,
  • change the header of e-mail messages sent by the system.

E-mail Settings

In this section, you can enter the sender e-mail address of all CONREGO’s outgoing messages:

  • confirmations of registration from the Registration module,
  • confirmations of transaction from the Payments module,
  • payment reminders from the Payments module,
  • registration cancellations from the Payments module,
  • e-mail messages from the Mailings module,
  • all the confirmations from the Surveys module.

In the next tab, you can enter message recipient addresses. Then, you can select one of the added addresses in the Reply to field when editing system messages. These recipient addresses handle the incoming e-mails.

SMS Settings

Use this section to integrate your CONREGO with an SMS gateway provider of your choice -,, or (Poland). To integrate with the selected SMS gateway provider, you need to enter valid account credentials. Once integrated, you can enable text messages for up to four different events:

  • after a registration process was completed,
  • after a transaction was completed,
  • after an attendee has checked in at the Reception Desk,
  • on demand, using the Mailings module.
CONREGO - Event Website Branding Configuration

Website Access Prevention

If you plan to launch a website visible only to the select few, use Website Access Prevention to configure the login and password required before being redirected to the event’s website. More than that, if you do not want your event website to appear in search results of Google, Bing, and other search engines, you can block robots from accessing it.


This is the section where you can control language versions of the entire outer layer of CONREGO. Default language versions (English and Polish) can be partially cloned (basic system prompts, button labels, etc.) to facilitate translation into other languages, the list of which we have already prepared. Each new language version will come with a unique language suffix based on the language’s ISO code.

With the use of the Dictionary sorted into functional sections, you will enter all the necessary translations. If you want to alter the list in the country selector that can be placed in the registration form, you will find it in the last tab.

On-site Service

Using this section’s features, you can configure the functions of the Reception Desk and Access Control sections of the On-site Service module:

  • determine which registration statuses can access the Reception Desk,
  • embed any URL or VCF virtual business cards in QR codes,
  • activate automatic printing of ID badges and events which trigger this function,
  • mark the registration form fields you want to be visible at the Reception Desk and Access Control checkpoints.
CONREGO - On-site Service Module Configuration

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