Gain instant access to information crucial for every Event Manager

CONREGO gathers a lot of data about the registering attendees. The analysis of these detailed data arranged in reports can be a time consuming task. However, using the Dashboard can save you a great deal of time as it presents all the important statistics that you can scan in seconds.

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see after logging in to the administration panel. A number of tiles give you basic information about the system’s ongoing processes. In particular, this module features:

  • buttons generating basic reports,
  • information about the number of attendees present at the event (in the case of the highest subscription plan),
  • the number of registrations divided into participation types,
  • the number of registrations divided into registration statuses,
  • sales summary (received, missing, and estimated income),
  • progress of registrations in selected time periods,
  • comments on particular registrations added by system administrators,
  • the number of attendees signed up for particular points on the agenda,
  • the number of bookings and available spots in hotels.
CONREGO - Statistics Module

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