A fast, responsive event page tailored to the image of your event

The Website module is CONREGO’s own integrated event website and content management system. Use its features to build an eye-catching and responsive website (no technical knowledge required!) to help you promote your event.


In this section, you will build the subpage structure of the entire website. CONREGO will allow you to create a website translated into multiple language versions, while language versions do not need to be mirror images of the base language version. This means that you can create a website with e.g. five subpages in English and they do not need to have corresponding subpages in other language versions because different language versions and their contents are independent from each other!


This section functions very much like the Pages section but it also allows you to publish news or a miniblog. Each of the subpages can include a published date and a lead. Both these elements will appear in the News list that you can place on any website page.

Just like subpages, news can be created in any number of language versions, independent from the base language version.

CONREGO - Event Website


Every subpage you make can be based on a different template. You can build these templates with the use of elements configured in this section. Website elements are the base of our very own way of managing website content, similar to widgets known from other content management systems. Example elements:

  • Page content - edited in the Pages section.
  • Text/HTML panel - an element that lets you publish any content because it comes with an HTML editor.
  • Header and button - you can easily add a call-to-action button with this panel.
  • Contact form - a panel containing a simple form for the attendees to contact you.
  • Image carousel - an element that lets you publish many pictures that will be horizontally scrolled (automatically or manually).
  • Time counter - a panel containing an event countdown timer.
  • Parallax - a panel with any content and an image as a background; when scrolling, the content will be moving faster than the background, creating the illusion of depth.
  • News list - a horizontal or vertical list of news published in the News section.
  • Video player - this element allows you to easily publish a YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Banner - an element that displays banners fading in and out in a rotation.
  • Image gallery - a panel that lets you publish a gallery of image thumbnails that expand to full size on click.
  • List of panels - an element containing a list of content sections that can be expanded vertically or function as horizontal tabs.
  • Event programme - an element that lets you build and publish your event programme on any website page.
  • Google map - an adjustable Google map, where you can pinpoint and describe any number of locations.
  • List of hotels - a panel that displays the list of hotels configured in the Registration > Accommodation Booking section.
CONREGO - Website Elements

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