Collect opinions, run contests and review academic papers or abstracts

The Surveys module can be used to accept and efficiently process submissions of questionnaires, contest entries, academic papers, and abstracts.


If you want to have incoming surveys reviewed, this section will let you toggle automated e-mail messages about new surveys (usually in the case of academic papers or abstracts) to reviewers. You can configure the list of reviewers in the Categories and Reviewers section. You can also determine which survey form fields should be visible in the Reviewer panel.


It is one of the more sophisticated functions of the system. It lets you:

  • enter the content visible in the survey registration form,
  • build and control the layout of a conditional registration form,
  • edit clauses below the registration form,
  • edit terms and conditions that can be linked as hypertext in clauses.

Categories and Reviewers

Categories serve to keep your survey database neatly structured and it is worth to spend some time configuring them for a number of reasons. One of them is that you can seamlessly accept contest entries and academic paper abstracts. Using categories, you can sort incoming submissions by topic, and then assign them to reviewers - experts in the field.


An effective process of accepting and processing incoming surveys cannot exist if communication between authors, reviewers, and the organizer, is suboptimal. Using text editors in this section, you can enter the content of:

  • thank-you page the author sees after submitting their survey,
  • survey submission confirmation message to the author,
  • incoming survey submission message to the reviewers,
  • survey qualification message to the author,
  • survey rejection message to the author.
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