CONREGO Check-in is live!

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CONREGO Check-in is live!

Efficient communication with event attendees

It may seem that the issue discussed in this post belongs to those obvious ones. However, it is often the case that the things we see as easy, at first glance, soon become problematic, because we have ignored them before.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

How do you control access of participants to selected zones?

Event organisers often ask me questions, regarding controlling the traffic of participants and their access to selected rooms/zones, during events.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

How to optimise sending of messages from registration software?

Each registration system has an inherent mechanism of sending email messages, even if it is the simplest system possible. How can one prepare messages to ensure that they do not end up in the SPAM folder?
Krzysztof Jagoda

Methods of settling accounts with participants of paid events

Are you planning to organise a paid event? It is likely that you are taking into consideration different variants of collecting payments.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

ID badges based on A4 paper passes for event attendees

The majority of event organisers must face the problem of printing ID badges.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Event Apps are useless without a good communication strategy

Let’s say you have done a thorough research. After weeks of testing and discussions your team has finally reached a decision. You are about to implement one of the event apps.
Kate Gruszka

Efficient reception areas for participants

I am frequently asked by organisers of events about the problems they encounter at work. One of the most common problems is the issue of correct reception areas handling.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

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