#eventgoer: The Angry Executive

Hello. My name is Richard Tator. I’m an event goer. I don’t know who organized this thing. It makes no sense. They want me to print stuff and who’s gonna pay for the ink? And when I called them to register, they told me to go to the internet.

#eventgoer: The Angry Executive

You will see me at events like conferences, forums, and other business meetings. I’m looking for partners and information about what’s up in the industry.

I pay particular attention to everything I don’t like. And I don’t like a lot of things: lines, incompetence, and mess.

I expect to be able to enter and speak to the guy I want to speak to, without any weird formal stuff. And when someone’s talking smart, then I want to listen to him in peace. Oh, that guy, on the stage! I want to speak to him in person. Could you get me a conference room so that only few people can get in and distract me?

I’m annoyed. Period.

What I like most is when everything is going according to my plan. I’m paying for something and definitely not for being treated as a normie.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Mr. Tator. Is he gone? Good. I guess most event managers go into rage mode after meeting Mr. Dick Tator (see what I did there?) at their event. But now take a deep breath - count to four - exhale. Let’s keep our remarks to ourselves - maybe Mr. Tator is simply having a bad day. Happens to everyone, maybe he didn’t eat breakfast or his car broke down. That’s why it’s always good to smile. There’s a chance he feels bad for being angry and he’ll chill. Don’t get involved in the hate - that’s the most important thing when dealing with Mr. Tator. If it doesn’t help, well, he will hate anything just for the sake of hate. It’s worth a shot, though.
Look forward to another event goer soon!