#eventgoer: Tomasz Chrosciechowski

#eventgoer: Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Hi! My name is Tomasz Chrosciechowski. I’m an event goer. I go to events professionally… this means that virtually every conference I’ve attended was organized by my company’s clients. I assist them in dealing with attendees, handling them, and organizing their flux.

You will see me at events like medical, corporate, and trade conferences, and training sessions.

I pay particular attention to the architecture of the venue, neatness and throughput of reception desks, stable internet connection, and catering… I do love snacks.

I expect the organizer to make sure the infrastructure is ready before the CONREGO team steps in. If there is no power grid or internet access ready to go, this could very much jeopardize the event. It is my job to verify the infrastructure, provide solutions that depend on it, and let the organizer focus on everything else.

I’m annoyed by ignorance of event organizers assuming that “they’ll handle it somehow”. Success is an outcome of work and knowledge, it is a result of how well you prepare to achieve it. I don't like taking unnecessary risks.

What I like most is a demanding organizer. They expect a lot from their suppliers but also from themselves. This creates a high quality end result. The organizers, the attendees, and us are most interested in quality, which guarantees a unique experience.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thanks! Yup, this is Tomek. Down to earth, conscientious, allergic to negligence and lack of competence. How to deal with him? He will surely appreciate it if every reception desk has access to the power grid and internet (cable preferred). About everything else, just trust him. He always prioritizes quality. However, do not forget to inform him about any organizational changes during the event. If objectives change and Tomek doesn’t know about it, it can cause frustration for him and attendees, because both parties can possess contradictory information. Make sure he’s well informed and in turn, he’ll do the same for you.
Look forward to another event goer next week. See you then!