How to Check Network Connection at the Conference Venue?

The internet is indispensable in today's world. You can realize this if you recall the moment you wanted to access it and there was no connection.

How to Check Network Connection at the Conference Venue?

Well, we would not like this to happen again, would we now? Especially at the reception desk or access control checkpoints placed throughout the venue. What should you know to pick the best internet connection and prepare for any possible event before, well... your event? Carefully read the article below and everything will become as clear as a day!

Any on-site event management software should be connected to a synchronous network with at least 256kb/s bandwidth capacity. There is a number of solutions to meet that condition.

Mobile internet access

Not a bad choice but it has its drawbacks. What drawbacks exactly? First of all, connection quality is adversely affected by:

Unfortunately, this may result in major BTS (Base Transceiver Station) congestion.

Advantages? This type of connection can be taken anywhere. For instance - on a picnic out in the field. If you want to employ this solution, make sure you check internet connection beforehand. You will learn how to do it further in this article.

Wi-Fi network

Like in the case of mobile internet, the main shortcoming of this solution is the impact the venue’s architecture has on signal quality. In addition, if your event takes place in a hotel, remember to ask the manager to set up a password protected channel for your exclusive use. This is because all the guests could be using the hotel’s open network and limit your capacity. What about the advantages? The biggest one is that you can set up your reception desk anywhere.

LAN network

It is a traditional and the safest solution – we do not risk the signal getting obstructed by physical obstacles. As reception desks are usually in close proximity to each other, you can assume that you only need a single ethernet cable at the reception desk. You can then plug this cable into a router to provide internet connection to all the check-in stations.

You need to keep in mind, though, that all access points, repeaters, and routers should be placed in such locations that their signal is not obstructed.

How to check the quality of connection with the event registration system server?

It is vital that you check the connection at the venue before the event. You should test the network for two parameters.

  1. Bandwidth. You can test it using or Comparitech.
  2. Pinging domains. In order to test the ping, you have to use the Windows (or any other system) system console and enter the “ping” command. This way, you will obtain the information if there is a connection between the two devices (the computer and the server) and what is its quality. Depending on the IP address you ping, you will be able to determine if possible problems with the connection are a matter of the router, the faulty network adapter, or the internet service provider. After launching the console (Start Menu > Run… > enter “cmd” and confirm), you should enter the command in following format:
Pinging CONREGO Event Registration Software server

As a result, you will be presented with information about the lag related to sending and receiving data packets to and from a particular spot in the internet, and about the number of lost packets. If the lag (expressed as the value time=XXms) is greater than 200ms, then either your connection or the server is congested. Before you start using the system connected to an unfamiliar network, make sure the ping is lower than 50ms.

If you have read the article carefully, you are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to ensure sustained internet connection at your event. The only thing left is to test this knowledge out there. Good luck! May your pings ever be low and bandwidth wide!

Krzysztof Jagoda