Instant communication with attendees of your event based on e-mailing and text messages

The Mailings module lets you edit and send various kinds of e-mails (invitations, reminders, entry passes) to single or multiple recipients. By integrating with SMS operator gateways, you can also choose to send text messages.

The module’s interface allows you to prepare templates of e-mail and text messages with an intuitive editor. Advanced users can make use of the code editor, which enables you to modify the style and form of the e-mail template even more. As in other template editor modules, you can employ variable tags to build your messages. This in turn makes your mailings personalized with the data gathered in the registration process or via data import.

With the use of the Mailings module’s features, you can easily:

  • prepare the templates of mailings or e-invitations containing unique invitation links,
  • personalize your mailings with variable tags,
  • create e-mails with QR codes embedded in their content; then you can scan these codes at the reception desk (armed with the Reception Desk module) to identify attendees,
  • attach files from your hard drive to the mailings,
  • attach personalized PDF files generated on the fly by the PDF Creator module to your mailings,
  • save message templates for later use,
  • send messages to saved groups of attendees or single e-mail addresses.
CONREGO - Moduł Mailingi

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