Guides for event organizers searching for knowledge and inspiration

How to Effectively Organize Events and Handle Attendees Efficiently?

Download a free guide for event managers and find answers to the following and many other questions:
- What event are you organizing?
- Who are your attendees?
- How do you plan the registration process?
- How do you want to present the information about the event?
- How do you plan to handle guests at the event?

9 Techniques of Event Promotion to Increase Entry Pass Sales

Download a free guide for event organizers to increase attendee engagement and the pace at which you sell tickets for your conference, congress, or training session. From this guide, you can learn:
- how to communicate with your attendees,
- how to promote your event for free,
- how to make the attendees to endorse your event,
- how to recruit Speakers to aid in your event promotion,
- how to empower the brand of your event.

Free Terms & Conditions Template for paid Event Registration

Download a free paid event terms & conditions template and quickly draft your own terms & conditions that:
- are consistent with the event's formula and specifications,
- give information about the terms of registration,
- clearly describe the issue of prices and settlements,
- are law compliant.

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