Is CONREGO GDPR compliant? Can I handle several events using a single account? Can I build a conditional registration form? You will find all answers to the most frequently asked questions below!

Is CONREGO GDPR compliant?

Yes! Our application is fully compliant with the requirements for data controllers and processors that result from the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council 2016/679 (GDPR) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive). To learn more, download the Event Manager’s Guide to GDPR Compliance!

Can I handle several events using a single account?

Yes! You can purchase a number of subscriptions within a single accounts - doing so, you can build a separate website for each event. Alternatively you can handle several events using a single subscription, provided that registration processes for these events are relatively similar. Read more about handling several events with a single subscription on our blog.

Can I build a conditional registration form?

Yes! You can create conditional forms using the functionality provided by participation types. Depending on the participation type, individual fields or entire sections of the form (or even entire registration steps) can be toggled visible or hidden. If you want to set a condition for a value other than participation type, you can use JavaScript code editor with included jQuery library to do that.

Can I gather attendees' photos and place them on entry passes?

With CONREGO, attendees can upload their photos but there is no way to place these photos on system-generated entry passes in the current version of the application.

How to host CONREGO event website on my domain?

First, sign in to your Customer Account. In the Subscription Plans section, select your Subscription actions (in the last column of the table) and select 'change domain' option from the dropdown menu. Then, you will be able to redirect your domain by altering the 'a record' of your domain so that it points to our server's IP: This process depends on the domain registrar.

As a part of the registration process, I'm gathering sensitive data. How can I ensure its security?

When gathering sensitive data, it is common practice to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain. Should you decide to use a conrego.com subdomain, such certificate is guaranteed for free. In the case of an external domain, you can purchase an SSL certificate from the provider of your choice. Once you have acquired the private key, the root certificate, and the intermediate certificate, contact us at support@conrego.com as we need to complete the installation manually. SSL installation service is free of charge.
Alternatively, we can install a free Let's Encrypt certificate for you, courtesy of https://letsencrypt.org/.

There is a new version of CONREGO. Do I have to do anything to start using it?

Yes and no. Minor changes in the application and bugfixes will be updated globally for all users - they will not impact the settings of your application. Major changes in the application will be announced and you will have a choice to either remain with the old version or transfer to the new one (in this case, it is possible that your application settings will be reset).

I have entered some content in the administration panel but some other content appears on the website. What could be causing that?

Most commonly, it's language versions. Make sure the language version you edit is the same as the one you're looking at. Another possible cause is the browser's cache - to clear it, use the Ctrl+F5 key combination. Alternatively, maybe you just forgot to hit the "Save" button. (pssst, don't worry, it happens to us, too)

Emails sent from CONREGO don't reach my attendees. What should I do?

Test the quality of your emails using an email tester and improve your email according to the suggestions. To be brief, a good email should contain: a lot of text, little HTML code, not too many images, no faulty links, alt attribute in every image. Check your sender mailbox, too. Read more on our blog.

Can you make an image visible instantly once the email is open?

No. Most mailbox application leave this decision to the recipient. This is a setting that aims to improve mailbox user security and it cannot be overridden.

Why do emails look different than in the editor?

It's a matter of mailbox application. Each application interprets HTML code in a different manner. This is why emails with the very same source code will look different in Outlook and Gmail. You could try to force the email to look as close to the original in every mailbox application but it would require you to enter a lot of additional code, which hinders email deliverability.

I have no technical knowledge. Can I handle CONREGO?

Yes! Most of the settings can be easily changed in the user interface. Advanced modification of the application's visuals or functions requires you to know the basics of jQuery and CSS. However, you can still configure a fully functional event website and registration form without that knowledge.

Where do I start working with the system?

Read the tutorial in the administration panel. It's short but it will give you some important information. Then, go to the Configuration Menu, Basics module, and go through all of its sections, configuring them as you go. Once you've done that, you have some solid basis on which you can build your event registration system. What you do next is yours to choose - you can focus on building the registration form, the responsive event website, or communication.

Can I carry out group registration?

Yes and no. The application doesn't support group registration. However, by editing JavaScript code, you can create a registration form allowing the attendee to register a number of other persons. These will not function as separate records in the database but registration form sections filled in by the registree. This method was invented by one of our clients.

I need a single change in the system. Can you introduce the X function?

Maybe. We do receive inquries about new functions but it's not that simple. On one hand, this is how we develop CONREGO - responding to our clients' needs. On the other hand, we have taken into account many of the suggested functions and we had to reject them because of other conflicting functions or little functionality. We want our application to be as flexible as it gets, which makes some functions inappropriate. This being said, if you'd like to see a function introduced to CONREGO application, feel free to contact us at support@conrego.com.

Can I send event reminders?

Yes. However, they are not fully automatic. In more detail, you can send personalized reminders using the Mailings module and the process of sending them will commence immediately. What you cannot do is to schedule them at the beginning of registration to be sent automatically at a later date.

Is there a core feature set included in all plans?

Core features include: unlimited attendee registration, Payments, Reports and Mailings (both e-mail and text messaging) modules as well as a set of modules allowing for deep customization of your CONREGO subscription.

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