#eventgoer: Łukasz Krawczuk

#eventgoer: Łukasz Krawczuk

Hi! My name is Łukasz Krawczuk. I’m an event goer.

This is the first post and an introduction to the #ImAnEventGoer series, where I will introduce you to various event goer personas. Naturally, these introductions will be based on stereotypes. Otherwise, I’d have to write about every person individually and that would take a little more time than I have. I want to focus these introductions on what that person may want from the organizer, what they will appreciate, and what annoys them. All this from the perspective of the persona but directed to the organizer. I hope it turns out fun and informative. Let’s start with me:

You will see me at events like concerts, music festivals, and various conferences (at these as staff).

I pay particular attention to keeping it human. Smiling staff and no weird formalities. I don’t like seeing hostility in the security’s gazes but I don’t like the staff acting overly polite - and I mean really overly polite - like robots!.

I expect to have fun

I’m annoyed by concert cancellations and musicians openly criticizing the organizer. I don’t know the context but it never looks good. Take effort to be on good terms with the performers. I do understand some of them may be primadonnas but I’m also sure there’s a way to get on their good side.

What I like most is when everything works perfectly. Everything else depends on the performer and the audience. And about performers, a little monologue in between songs creates a nice bond with the audience.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Well, perhaps I’m not the best example for an interesting analysis but I wanted to introduce myself. What is worth noting? Good relations with your performers (and possibly speakers) cannot be overlooked or faked. If you only act friendly but don't really like each other - we will see that. Next time, we get down to business.
See you then!

Send your suggestions for other event goers you would like to meet to lukasz@conrego.com!