#eventgoer: The Adept

#eventgoer: The Adept

Hi! My name is Natalie Rookie. I’m an event goer. I’m fresh (a fitting name, ha-ha, never heard that one before) out of college and just starting my career so I want to build a strong personal brand.

You will see me at events like academic and networking conferences. I like meeting people I can do cool things with and I like learning new skills. Latest technology and innovative use of old technology - that’s what I like.

I pay particular attention to the content and opportunities to network with other attendees and speakers. I do realize I don’t know a lot yet so knowledge is of utmost importance to me. The same goes for building my network of contacts - one plus one gives more than two.

I expect to be able to find other attendees easily to discuss. I don’t know, maybe an event app? It would also be nice if there was a way to exchange phone numbers more easily, for instance using QR codes.

I’m annoyed when breaks are too short. It’s not that I’m lazy (which I’m not!), I just need some time to meet other attendees and exchange opinions, experience, and ideas. During the lecture, I focus solely on the speaker so I won’t be able to have a conversation.

What I like most is when the event gives me the opportunity to expand my skills and network. Attractions are cool and I have nothing against vendors but these are all just additions. It’s the people who count.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Natalie. Sounds like she knows what she wants. And her requirements are quite high but definitely justified. I mean requirements that can be fulfilled be the organizer. Speakers are a separate matter that is never fully controlled by the organizer.
 Look forward to another event goer some time soon!

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