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9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Organizing an Event

Take a look around. Is it your first time here? No biggie! We have got a lot of tips and advice to help you quickly reach a level of expertise in event management.


Running Cashback Websites with CONREGO

Promotions, special offers, contests… Have you ever wondered how often you encounter various kinds of marketing campaigns in your daily life?


9 Techniques of Event Promotion That Increase Ticket Sales

How to promote my event to increase ticket sales? That is the question that keeps many event organizers up at night.


How to Check Network Connection at the Conference Venue?

The internet is indispensable in today's world. You can realize this if you recall the moment you wanted to access it and there was no connection.


Unwanted Guests at an Event

Confident, almost relaxed. They meld into the crowd with that “I-belong-here” look. The poker face and aura of confidence are to hide that they are intruders.


How to Design and Personalize Conference Badges?

In today's article, we offer a number of recommendations regarding proper design of badges for event attendees.


What Equipment Should You Choose to Handle Check-In and Access Control?

In order to handle reception areas at an event smoothly and efficiently, you need a well-prepared set of tools and personnel capable of using them.


Communication With Attendees via Email

Can you imagine that you have to write and then manually send emails to a few hundred, or better yet, a few thousand attendees? Neither can we!


Comparison of 5 Event Badge Printing Techiques

Are you aware that an event badge is the most frequently adopted method of verifying the identity of event attendees?


Why Do You Need a Responsive Event Website?

At first, we need you to answer a simple question. Do you use your mobile device to connect to the internet?