How to Become a Successful Event Manager?

For starters, you need to feel the flow. You can feel if it’s for you even at the very beginning of your adventure in the event industry. If organizing events - with all its benefits and drawbacks - is a job you are capable of loving.

How to Become a Successful Event Manager?

Not everyone believes in love at first sight but accomplished Event Managers are a proof it really exists… at least when talking about events.

Don’t fear exploring different solutions

It’s none other than the Event Manager that gets to solve problems arising in the process of event organization. These include problems from various and surprising disciplines. Even some disciplines you don’t know anything about. An efficient Event Manager has to be open-minded and driven to look for solutions. According to Ewelina Maciesza from Polymus event agency, the right attitude is quite simple: “In the event industry, there are no such expressions as «no can do» or «it’s impossible». It’s a matter of finding the right solution - a method to handle any given problem.”

Make mistakes

Want to learn in this industry? Make mistakes! Agnieszka Faracik-Leśniak from DMC Poland pointed out that we learn from mistakes very fast because we’re better at remembering failures than successes. The most important thing, however, is to analyze our failures, draw conclusions, and be prepared for similar situations in the future.

Dream… and have a great team

It is worth thinking about what else you could do. Set targets and try to achieve them. You have an added bonus if you’re a part of a dedicated team, where you can share your competences. After all, there are few things motivating more than achieving success together!

It’s great if you’re an adrenaline junkie and can be autonomous

Working with events always comes with a dose of uncertainty and elevated risk. This gives you a burst of adrenaline, the sweet thrilling hormone that lets you reach your full potential. And that’s great because in this industry, you need to be ready for anything. As Agnieszka Szymerowska and Jakub Grudniewski of Convention Bureau Wrocław said, “We can predict many situations but we cannot predict everything”.

Because it’s a demanding job

Working in the event industry is difficult. It’s challenging, full of surprises, and risky. It takes more than 9-5 Monday through Friday and it can be hell. But it gives great satisfaction.

Registration software is a great help, too, as it lets you automate many processes. Our guests – Ewelina Maciesza, Agnieszka Faracik-Leśniak and Agnieszka Szymerowska, and Jakub Grudniewski – use CONREGO event management software. It supports them in such areas as attendee registration, surveys, conference badge generation, communication, payments and billing, reporting, etc.

And all this to answer the question about what you like the most about your job the right way: "the job itself!”.

You can see the statements of our guests in the video below:

Tomasz Chrościechowski