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QR Codes and Their Applications in CONREGO

They were designed by Denso-Wave from Japan, back in 1994, and were intended for storing large amounts of data – and it is not without reason that they have been so popular in the world of events and with Event Managers.


How to Encourage Event Attendees to Register Early?

If you are an event organizer, you must realize how important it is to have attendees register quickly – preferably immediately after opening registration.


How to Create a Perfect Event Website?

The website is your showcase. It is the element that will attract or discourage potential attendees of your event.


Simultaneous Free and Paid Registration

Event organizers often look for event registration solutions that can handle paid registrations, and at the same providing free-of-charge registration to a specific group of guests.


Managing Multiple Events With a Single Conrego Subscription

Event organizers often ask us if it is possible to handle a number of events at the same time, using a single CONREGO subscription.


How to Efficiently Communicate With Event Attendees?

It may seem that the issue discussed in this post is an obvious one. However, it is often the case that things we see as easy at first glance, soon become problematic because we have ignored them before.


How to Control Attendee Access to Selected Areas of the Venue and Services?

Event organizers quite often look for solutions allowing them to control attendee traffic and their access to selected rooms or services at events.


How to Make Sure Your Emails Don't End up in SPAM?

Every registration software has an inherent mechanism of sending email messages, even if it is the simplest system possible. How can you prepare messages to ensure that they do not end up in the SPAM folder?


What Payment Methods Should You Use to Sell Event Tickets?

If you are planning to organize a paid event, you are probably considering various options for fee collection and processing.


How to Minimize Costs of Conference Badges?

The majority of event organizers must face the issue of preparing ID badges. This involves the costs of printing, staff, and the time that they need to spend on finding the right badge in a heap of hundreds of other badges before they give it to the attendee.