#eventgoer: The Convict

#eventgoer: The Convict

Hi! My name is Jack Honeybadger. I’m an event goer. I don’t really want to be here but my boss decided I have to attend so I guess I have to. I know my stuff and no NASA guy will tell me how I should do my job. Whatever, he can talk as much as he wants. I sure hope they have an open bar and large training groups so I can take a nap.

You will see me at events like training sessions and academic conferences. Any place you can get some knowledge, especially professional knowledge. Not that I care, they just sent me here to invest in human resources… yeah, right. I’m sure they just want to generate expenses.

I pay particular attention to breaks. I’m here anyway so might as well have a nice coffee or meal.

I expect free wi-fi. And a power outlet! I’m gonna have to buy that powerbank...

I’m annoyed when you want to monitor everything. I was counting on vacation (that's only called training) and what I got is a labor camp. I know you’re probably liable for my attendance but maybe you could do me a favor and just mark me as present? I’m not listening anyway so what’s the difference between sitting here and in the hotel room?

What I like most is poor sound equipment (so I can nap), paper attendance lists that I can sign at the beginning and take my leave, and good catering.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Jack. And guys, don’t listen to him, he’s not the one paying you. Actually, do the opposite of what Jack wants you to do, maybe except coffee and food.
Look forward to another event goer soon!

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