#eventgoer: The Doctor

#eventgoer: The Doctor

Hi! I’m Shelly. I’m an event goer. Yeah, you should see what happened last time in the ER. They brought in this guy with a concrete block up his...

You will see me at events like medical conferences and rock concerts. I’m looking for knowledge and new methods at the former and fun at the latter. No, it’s not about a stressed Miss Doctor who needs to blow off some steam. I just love rock music.

I pay particular attention to the topics of lectures. As a neurosurgeon, I won’t attend a, let’s say, rhinology conference. I’ll admit, it is interesting. But it would be just wasting time and money as I wouldn’t be able to use this knowledge.

I expect the agenda to be properly described. I want to know exactly what I can learn attending a particular lecture. This guarantees that i won’t waste an hour listening to something I already know, and instead I can go and learn something new.

I’m annoyed when there are too few breaks between the lectures, especially when there’s no discussion. I mean, how long can you just sit and make notes? ll it does is make you tired. Oh, and disgusting food, that’s irritating as well.

What I like most is when they give away pens, notepads and paper pads. It makes it easier to take notes.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thanks, Shelly. Shelly touched upon many important topics. I like her remark about pens and notepads. These things are not expensive, they can be branded, and will help you build a strong brand of an event, whose organizers have thought about everything and care about attendees. The main value for attendees of medical conferences is knowledge so let’s make sure the attendee can record this knowledge. And a well described agenda will save your attendees frustration.
Look forward to another event goer soon!