#eventgoer: The Tourist

Hi! My name is Ada Globetrotter. I’m an event goer. I came here to look around. Maybe they’ll have some nice wedding dresses or decorations. If I like something, I’ll gladly make contact with the vendor.

#eventgoer: The Tourist

You will see me at events like trade shows and expos. Sometimes I’ll go for entertainment and sometimes I’ll go to browse the products I may be interested in. In both cases, it’s simply better to see it in person than to look at pictures.

I pay particular attention to diversity. A German shepherd exhibition? They’re cute and all but it’s just one breed. The same goes for trade shows: looking at almost identical offers is pointless. I could as well simply pick any product at random.

I expect a multitude of booths and interaction with exhibitors. Maybe a show or a presentation? It’s always nice to be given a branded gadget - it will be useful sooner or later and can act as a business card.

I’m annoyed when I have to force my way through the crowd. I know, you want as many visitors as you can but in that case, you should make an effort to provide enough space for all these people. Broad paths are a must and you should consider it even if it decreases the number of available spots. I prefer broader paths.

What I like most is finding something that suits my needs. Even if I’m not actively searching for anything in particular, I could spot something nice and I just got to have it. However, if I’m to spot that something nice, it has to be made visible.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Ada, enchanté. I’m sure it will be of use to both organizers and exhibitors. Sufficient space, engaging booths - I’m sure you all got that. But remember about another crucial thing: event promotion. Without it, Ada wouldn’t even be aware of your trade show. Look forward to another event goer soon!