#eventgoer: The Vet

#eventgoer: The Vet

Hi! My name is Ed Barker. I’m an event goer. Oh, what a cutie! May I pet it?

You will see me at events like conferences for veterinarians. I guess it’s obvious why. I need to learn new methods and medicine to better help our friends.

I pay particular attention to the innovation brought by offered trainings and keynotes. I assess it basing on the speakers - I have a few of my favorites and I know they’ll always have something interesting and useful to say.

I expect to be able to take Alfred von Wigglebottom, my pug, with me. Normally, he doesn’t leave me for a second so I’d like to take him to the conference as well. I hope the organizer arranges some water bowls.

I’m annoyed when ID badges are made of poor quality materials. Regular paper with no laminate will not last an entire conference day. I know it’s a cost for you but I’d be happy to pay an extra dollar to get some kind of a PVC holder.

What I like most is the reception lady. Sorry, I know how it sounds but it’s one of the nicest moments of every conference. She’s always smiling, helpful, and smart.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Ed. What else is there to say? Ed pointed out a couple of important details, he even explained how to solve these problems. The best speakers can be selected on the basis of analysis of previous conferences. However, you shouldn’t pass on newcomers. The safest option would be to prioritize trusted speakers and have other submissions graded by experts in the field. Water bowls… well, taking pets to conferences must be a trade thing. You shouldn’t neglect it, though! Look forward to another event goer soon!