We are your event attendees. Get to know us better!

The Photographer

Hi! My name is Max McFocus. I’m an event goer. Wait a sec… OK, I got it. Sorry about that but the composition was just perfect and I had to take the shot.
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Vendor

Hi! My name is Simon Vendorovych. I’m an event goer. Come on closer! Don’t be shy, our new VR rig is totally safe and will let you experience gaming like never before! (psst… I wouldn’t actually go in there if I were you)
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Doctor

Hi! I’m Shelly. I’m an event goer. Yeah, you should see what happened last time in the ER. They brought in this guy with a concrete block up his...
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Event Manager

Hi! My name is Lena Reacher. I’m an event goer. I’m really sorry but I need to be going. A minute? Fine, I figure they should manage. But only a minute!
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Speaker

Hi! My name is Mark Guru. I’m an event goer. I’d like to invite you to my lecture on the use of social media in digital marketing. It’s in the green room at 5.
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Journalist

Hi! My name is Lois. I’m an event goer. An interview? With me? Haha, usually it’s the other way around. But sure, no problem.
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Kid

Hi! My name is Billy. I’m an event goer. It’s so boring here… Mom, will you buy me cotton candy?
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Antihostess

Hi! My name is Lucy Fair. I’m an event goer. The green room is this way and to the left. Have a nice day.
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Hostess

Hi! My name is Julia Sparks. I’m an event goer. Of course, sir. To get to the green room, go through this corridor and turn right at the end. Simply follow the green line on the floor… No problem at all, have a nice day!
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Collector

Howdy! My name is Joseph Possum. I’m an event goer. Did you see that? They’re giving away some nice sandwiches over there. And there’ they have pens. Pretty solid. I took a few for my grandson. He goes to school so he’ll have a use for them.
Lukasz Krawczuk

The Vet

Hi! My name is Ed Barker. I’m an event goer. Oh, what a cutie! May I pet it?
Lukasz Krawczuk

Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Hi! My name is Tomasz Chrosciechowski. I’m an event goer. I go to events professionally… this means that virtually every conference I’ve attended was organized by my company’s clients. I assist them in dealing with attendees, handling them, and organizing their flux.
Lukasz Krawczuk

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