CONREGO on Capterra’s Top 20 List

We are proud to announce that CONREGO was #9 on the list of most affordable event management software by Capterra!

CONREGO on Capterra’s Top 20 List

We are really glad this was recognized because we put a lot of thought into the pricing model, to find the solution that is fair and convenient both to our customers and us. The entire list is available on Capterra website.

One of the most common pricing models is commission-based or pay-per-registration. Why we decided not to implement that?

As for monthly subscription, there are two main issues with that. First, again, it generates more invoices, and second, taking into account the cost of entering invoices into accounts, invoices for such small amounts would actually be barely profitable for us.

This reasoning convinced us to go with annual subscription, a pricing model that turned out to be very cost-effective in the scenario created by Capterra to build this list. We like the idea that your cost per attendee decreases as you keep inviting more attendees and as you organize more and more events.

One fee to register them all - for your events.


Thanks, Capterra! We really appreciate it. And thanks to our customers, your suggestions continue to help us grow both as a product and as a company.